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Latest Point-of-Sale Technologies for Your Growth

We are a leader in Retail Point of Sale solutions for Tier 1 retailers around the globe. Our consulting services allow retailers to enhance their existing POS solutions according to the demands of the retail industry. Our team offers the following Point-of-Sale services, and much more:

  • Purchase and Licensing
  • Upgrades and Implementations
  • Security, PCI-DSS, and EMV/Chip
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Full Point-of-Sale Customization
  • Level 3 Support

Point-of-Sale technology is ever-changing in this fast paced environment. Make sure you are staying ahead of the curve - contact us today to discuss your Point-of-Sale needs.


Keeping Up with
Modern Customers

What is Omni-channel? Simply put, it is a way for retail consumers to shop the way that works best for them. In its early days, Omni-channel meant mail orders and merchandise catalogs. Today, this can range from online and mobile shopping to in-store merchandise pickups. Our team offers the following Omni-channel and Ecommerce services, and much more:

  • Omni-channel Integrations
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Cloud Capabilities
  • IOT Device Integration
  • Buy Online, Pick-Up In Store

In today’s world of advancing technology, Omni-channel is the way of the future; consumers will be determining retail patterns, not vice versa. Don't allow your company to be left behind - contact us today to discuss your Omni-channel and Ecommerce needs.


Innovative Hardware Helps Drive Customer Engagement

Todays consumers expect more when they get up to the cash register. Instead of simply swiping a card or using cash, they want to be able to tap their credit cards and pay using just their smartphones. While yes, you could continue depending on outdated tech, the benefits of embracing enhanced payment methods will continue to grow.

  • Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay
  • Paypal Payment Integration
  • ACI Integration
  • Verifone and Ingenico Devices

Hardware is quickly being improved upon making older hardware out-dated and obsolete at an increasing pace. We can help you improve your current hardware with the latest software updates, as well as upgrade to the newest, cutting-edge pin-pads - contact us today to discuss your Hardware needs.


Changing the Retail Landscape

The world is going Mobile, so should your Point-of-Sale system! mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) is when a smartphone, tablet or dedicated wireless device performs the functions of a cash register. Mobile technology is rewriting the rules for point-of-sale system services and how your Associates interact with Customers. We offer the following mPOS services to help you mobilize your stores.

  • Purchase and Licensing
  • Mobile Point-of-Sale Integration
  • Android and iPhone Development
  • Custom mPOS Solutions

More and more retailers are adopting mPOS systems each day as they see the benefits it provides for their customer experience. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to discuss your Mobile Point-of-Sale needs.


Not All Problems have a Simple Solution

We provide Custom software consulting, development, and support services to our clients to allow them to solve their unique pain-points, which sometimes out-of-the-box solutions just don't have an answer to. Whether its custom software development for your Point-of-Sale system or a completely new and innovative solution, our Consultants are engineers at their core and can help you solve the most difficult problems you are facing. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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Help Prevent Retail Fraud with Freeing Returns

Freeing Returns

Freeing Returns™ is a SaaS platform which helps retailers uncover the Fraudsters and Organized Crime Rings hiding in their data; leveraging the power of machine learning, graph-link analysis, and entity resolution.

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